Nordic EdTech News #13 : 2020-02-17

Your Week 6 & 7 update from the Nordic & Baltic EdTech ecosystems

Hello from the very snowy north of Sweden and welcome to today’s newsletter!

As always, there’s lots of news to share, so let’s get started…

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Regional news

  • Nordic companies are well represented in the EU-Startups list of EdTechs to watch in 2020. (Link)

  • NY Times article puts education at the heart of Nordic success. (Link)

  • The State of the Nordic Region 2020 report is a must read as part of the vision to make the Nordics the world's most integrated region by 2030. (Link)

Global trends

  • Entries are open for the Europas Tech Startup Awards 2020, including hottest EdTech start up. (Link)

  • The first cohort of nine start ups join EduSpaze in Singapore. (Link)

  • Latest HolonIQ research reviews 20 years of global education stocks. (Link)

  • How does EdTech respond to the increasingly demand for soft skills? I think that there are interesting opportunities to explore in this McKinsey report. (Link)

  • YouTube announces $100m investment in content that “..inspires children to develop life skills and pursue their passions.” (Link)

News from Denmark

  • Don’t miss the Danish EdTech Showcase in London on 27th Feb. Details here.

  • An honest assessment of the challenges of using technology in schools. (Den, Eng)

  • Important research from EMU on experimental school approaches to teaching technology skills. (Den, Eng)

  • Hopspots won an European Enterprise Award (hosted by EU Business News) for "Best Interactive Children's Education Company - Scandinavia.” (Link)

  • New lesson resources from KUBO on the earth’s systems. (Link)

  • Labster release new lab simulation focusing on the reactivity rules of organic chemistry. (Link)

  • Forbes article suggests that ‘LEGO is the biggest education company on earth’. (Link)

  • Tiimo have developed an app to support people with autism and ADHD and have raised over €350,000 via crowdfunding including from Kahoot’s founders. (Link)

News from Estonia

  • BeED ecosystem included in the renowed e-Estonia briefing centre. (Link)

  • Drops launches ​Droplets, an app to teach 8 - 17 year olds foreign languages. (Link)

  • Estonian schools and local EdTech businesses work together to develop new digital solutions. (Est, Eng)

News from Finland

News from Iceland

News from Latvia

  • Edurio have concluded a £450k investment round led by Practica Capital to support their rapid growth. Congratulations! (Link)

  • This is beyond my language abilities, but this article on Latvian maths teaching looks worth a watch. (Latvian)

  • As Accenture Latvia creates MathScape game to boost interest and skills in the subject. (Latvian)

  • Thoughtful analysis of Latvian higher education system (Latvian) as FILCIL calls for change. (Lat, Eng)

News from Lithuania

News from Norway

  • How language learning app, Capeesh, works with industry to help non-native speakers improve their skills. (Nor)

  • Change at the top of itsLearning as Steve Tucker is appointed CEO. (Link, Link)

  • MakeKit prepare to go global. (Nor, Eng)

  • Medietilsynet survey highlights popularity of Snapchat and YouTube with young people (Nor, Eng), as children reveal their fears about being online. (Nor, Eng)

  • Newschool announce grant funding to launch four new projects in Poland. (Link)

  • Encouraging to see 35 national agencies and businesses working together and committing to implement measures to protect children online. (Nor, Eng)

News from Sweden

Thanks for reading and see you again on 2nd March!

Best regards, Jonathan

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