Nordic EdTech News #12 : 2020-02-03

Your Week 4 & 5 update from the Nordic & Baltic EdTech ecosystems

It’s clear from innumerable conversations at BETT and from the feedback I received from Educa that Nordic and Baltic EdTech are in rude health. The news and updates below, including investments, partnerships and international expansion serve to reinforce that perspective!

If you weren’t at BETT, then I’d recommend these three excellent summaries (Link, Link and Link), whilst OAJ have provided detailed follow up on Educa here. Next year, thankfully, the dates don’t clash (BETT will be Jan 20-22, Educa will be Jan 29-30), so I’ll look forward to attending both events!

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Regional news

  • N8 Co-Founder Märt Aro calls for Estonian and Nordic education businesses to improve global education with innovative learning solutions via FoundME. (Link)

  • Nordic Sounds website launches providing teachers with “..traditional music, dance, songs, games, rhymes and lullabies from the Nordic countries.” (Ice, Eng)

  • The CEOs of Matteappen and Seppo feature in the excellent Best of BETT podcast series from Soundtrap. (Link)

  • Strong Nordic presence for the GESAwards Final at BETT (Link) and in the Kids Judge BETT competition (Link and Link)

  • Powerful research (in Swedish) studying the link between digital media and young people's mental wellbeing in the Nordics. (Link)

Global trends

  • Google (Link) and Microsoft (Link) outline their ambitions and plans.

  • Svenia Busson shares her insights on European EdTech via EETN. (Link)

  • Two interesting reports emerged from the World Economic Forum on education for the fourth Industrial Revolution (Link) and the influence of play and technology on learning (Link).

  • WISE launch a new Global Education Barometer focusing on young people’s thoughts on their education and their future. (Link)

News from Denmark

  • Compelling new research studying the role of digital resources in Danish language teaching in schools. (Den, Eng)

  • The Minister for Education and Research gives DKK 45 million to strengthen HE educators’ digital skills through nine new schemes. (Den, Eng)

  • More municipalities have been reported to the Danish Data Protection Agency following breaches of student personal data security. (Den, Eng)

  • Lego Foundation’s global partnership expands to Vietnam. (Link)

  • Launch of Schools’ Wellbeing Day announced (1 March 2020). (Den, Eng)

News from Estonia

News from Finland

News from Iceland

News from Latvia

  • New app launched for students to report bullying (Lat) as government launches coordinated effort to tackle the problem in schools. (Lat, Eng)

  • Inspiring stories of educators at work in Riga (Lat, Eng) as the nation’s best chemistry teachers are recognised. (Lat)

  • Latvian Government launches new teacher training initiative. (Lat, Eng)

News from Lithuania

  • BitDegree have launched micro-scholarships for learning online and over 120 requests have been funded already. (Link)

  • Reach for Change Lithuania launch Game Changer campaign offering investment and expert support for business ideas improving children’s lives. (Link)

News from Norway

  • Loved the Norwegian Classroom at BETT - a great showcase of Norwegian and Nordic EdTech. (Link)

  • National solution recommended to support municipalities and schools in protecting children online. (Nor, Eng)

  • Fascinating profile of the work and team at Ludenso. (Nor, Eng)

  • Norwegian universities explore collaborative online solutions for storing and distributing content. (Nor, Eng)

  • Expansion announced for online bilingual education in maths, Norwegian and science for newly-arrived students nationwide. (Nor, Eng)

  • Students identify security breach in Visma’s school management system. (Nor, Eng)

News from Sweden

  • There are still opportunities for EdTech business to test their products and services with Swedish Edtest. Register your interest here.

  • IT-Pedagogen asks if brighter times are ahead for producers of teaching materials. (Swe, Eng)

  • Learnster announce new agreements across restaurant sector. (Swe)

  • The businesses behind NEXT LEVEL (Admentum, Advania, Canvas, DigiExam and Matteappen) announce their next event on 5th March. (Swe, Eng)

  • New event from SKL Kommentus looking at the digital school. (Swe, Eng)

  • ICYMI - Total Specific Solutions expands its presence in Sweden by acquiring Ping Pong AB. (Link)

  • Verbling, a Swedish-led language learning platform has been acquired by Busuu, in a multi-million dollar deal. (Swe, Eng)

Thanks for reading and see you again on 17th February!

Best regards, Jonathan

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